Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kindle Fire with Acase Slim

Kindle Fire, if you mention the tablet market in 2011, is definitely one of the spot of this year. In addition to its E-book function, as the Kindle series always do, Kindle fire has moved forward and evolved: It’s an E-book with powerful Amazon cloud drive, which enables you to store your data (things you bought on Amazon web) on the Internet. You don’t need to worry your data disappear when the machine’s dead, once you get your account& password, still you can download your data from the drive. Moreover, with 199USD dollars and its high standard hardware, Kindle Fire has successfully attracts people’s eye and is considered to be the most hot-selling tablet of 2011.

To take care of the needs of those who buy Kindle Fire, recently Acase have launched a series of Kindle Fire cases. Each has its specialties and suits different kinds of people.

The Acase Slim Leather case has developed for a long time, it had been

made for tablets of different brands. This time, we also make this case fit for Kindle Fire.

As always, in slim series Acase uses litchi grain leather and micro fiber interior as the material. The litchi grain texture shows a sense of high quality goods; combines with the grey interior, the color creates a decent style.

For the installation, Acase Slim uses corner clip to secure the whole tablet. And since the clips only contact with the fringe of the whole display, it leaves much of the area open, all the jacks, speakers, and buttons will not be blocked. When you install the tablet with the case, all you need is to snap the tablet with Acase Slim; the installation spends a little time but it would fits very snugly in the case.

If you want to watch videos or types, the built in grooves are there to choose. You just have to snap out the clips in the beneath, and gently put your Kindle Fire into the angle you want.

The next is Acase Micro Fiber series.

Micro Fiber Leather Case is a new design to Acase. It is special for its leather-made built-in stand and the micro fiber interior. Unlike the usual grooves, the leather case seamed leather on the interior and makes them as the stand.

This kind of design is a refreshing detail, and you can never know that until you open the simple looking leather case.

It has three colors to choose: black, brown, and red.

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